Privacy Policy

User Information
Information is integral in the function of ACT website and how we provide services to you. These types of information may be personal or general.

Personal information is a type of data that is very specific to you, such as your personal name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, and financial details like credit card number. These types of personal information are obtained to process your orders as well as to perform requests and address your concerns and questions. The e-mail address and full name are provided when you want to subscribe to our mailing list and receive regular updates and promos through your e-mail.

General information, meanwhile, includes type of browser used, computer or mobile operating system, and websites visited. These are usually obtained through our cookies. They are used mainly for analytical purposes and for improvement of our website and thus your user experience. We don’t install suspicious programs into your PC or collect other information other than the general ones.

We highly encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list so you will easily and conveniently obtain updates about our services, companies, promos, discounts, and other kinds of announcements. Nevertheless as a way of protecting your privacy, all our mails include an Unsubscription link that removes you from our mailing list once you confirm it.

A cookie is a kind of data that is stored in your browser. It doesn’t do anything other than to speed up the loading time of our website by allowing your system and generate general information. You can clear your cache to remove the cookie. Note, however, that the quality of user experience may diminish when you delete or prevent our cookies.

ACT values your privacy and online security above everything else. It’s the primary reason why we have developed this policy. But aside from this, we invested in highly advanced, reliable software and hardware that can guarantee the safety of your information every time you use our website. When you purchase an order, we include an SSL technology that encrypts your sensitive data. Our services are fully secured and run with the best anti-malware and antivirus systems, among others.

We don’t sell or trade your information to anyone. We can share them only with your permission except when state and federal regulations require as to do so such as during an online fraud or identity theft investigation.

Third Parties and Their Links
For us to deliver high-quality, on-time service to you, we rely on the expertise of our partners, such as our suppliers. From time to time, we may provide them limited but needed information about you so they too can also perform their commitment to us. Rest assured that the data will not be given without your expressed consent or approval.

Our website and e-mails may also include links or banners of third-party promotions. Although we publish them, we don’t have any control over their mechanics and terms and conditions, which are developed by the third parties themselves. Hence, ACT should not be considered liable for any issue that may arise from using or taking advantage of these promos. It’s expected that by doing so you have read their terms and agreed to them. ACT must not form part in any need to file for indemnity or damages.

Limitation of the Privacy Policy
This privacy policy doesn’t include information that is obtained through offline methods such as landline calls, conferences and fairs, and surveys.

Changes to the Policy
To reflect the changing needs of customers and to maintain online security that we guarantee, this privacy policy is updated regularly. The changes may be performed without prior notice. The announcement is then delivered to your e-mail or posted in our website. To continue using our service and website, you must read and agree with the new privacy policy.

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